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Micro Soldering

Just a little about this service.

Micro-soldering is a service that is similar to regular soldering just done on a microscopic level. There are many repairs today that require this type of work. While mail in repair is an option for your broken ps4 HDMI port, you can get it done locally at our shop usually same day. In the near future there will be small drones and microscopic devices that need repairing and San Antonio will have one of the first established micro soldering shop. If there are any questions feel free to give us a call. 


Loop Disease

This is a before and after pic of a iPhone 7 audio ic, aka loop disease. 
Re-balling the ic is a required process for success, so all the pads connect to the ic. Anything that has a circuit board I can diagnose for you. Not all repairs fix the issue, but the percentage of failure is low.

There are also many other repairs that require micro-soldering. For example, these Beats headphones are a couple hundred dollars. The jack broke off and they had no clue where to find a place that could fix them. He ran across my shop and had them fixed in less than an hour. There is no other shop in town that do the repairs we do. They all are mail in. I also do mail in but being in San Antonio you don't have to spend the extra money on shipping and spend longer waiting on your device!

Computer Circuit Board
Chip Probing
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