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Sorry we are temporarily closed at the moment. I will be taking appoitments for pc and laptop and soldering repairs. Please email for a quote and to set up an appointment. Thanks!

For all Your Tech Repairs and Installs


Call To Make An Appointment Today!!2000 NW Military HWY, Castle Hills,  TX  78213

We are a shop/installation service. Anything with a PCB, circuit board, I can fix or diagnose. Check our different services we provide. From house visits to mount your video/audio equipment to working on your iRobot that won't charge. We have the best equipment on the market and are the only shop of this kind in San Antonio. No one else can repair the tiny components that we do. Appointments only at the moment due to understaff. 


Call Today to make an appointment!

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Get your T.V. on the wall today!!

T.V. Mounting Specials 

Guarantee on all parts! 

Professional Techs!

  • iPhone repair (All models) X,8,7,6; all issues (OEM Apple parts available)

  • TV Mounting 

  • PC and Laptop repair (Hardware and software)

  • Smart home installation

  • Soldering services

  • Gaming console repair

  • Custom PC Builds

  • Key Fob Chip Swap

  • Car ECMs

  • Non charging issues

  • Looping issues

  • Handy man services

  • Soundbar mounting


     I have worked on electronics for over 15 years before starting this business in late 2015. Throughout the past few years, so many types of smart devices have come into the market. They tend to break a lot easier compared to older devices. That is when I decided to build a business specifically for this. With my knowledge of the IT world, I'll be able to assist you in every tech need. We initially focused on only phones, but have opened up several new services since.

     We are now offering micro soldering as a service due to the increase in small electronic devices, that we all rely on as part of our daily lives. Now, the devices that are labeled "dead" or “broken”, can most likely be brought back to life.  Repairing these devices over purchasing a new device can be more affordable, while reducing a big Eco footprint by tossing them. Through the past few years as a tech, I realized this is a needed business and I’d like to bring it to the San Antonio market. I look forward to serving the entire SA community with any type of tech repair. We are the only shop of this kind in the whole region. I do mail in repairs as well, but if your local in SA then I can usually have your device up in one day. Other shops charge you a lot more and give you a two week timeframe because they mail the devices to shops like mine. Well, now you don't need to wait. You can come in and see me diagnose it live. Look forward to serving the San Antonio area and hope I can get more locations up and running soon. 


                                                 - Josh Couch
(Tech Repair Specialist)
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